I like to paint like no one is watching.

I am an abstract painter, and a colorist. The type of painting I do is called action painting. I live in Maine and I often paint outside on the deck of our camp overlooking the water. Color is what I am all about, and music is what gets me there. I paint to music, and it is almost as much a part of my paintings as is the paint. I am a conduit, the music is my muse, and when it’s working, the paint flows through me easily and effortlessly. At times I feel so much energy flowing through me when I paint, that I have to jump in the water to diffuse it. It's an awesome feeling; I often get lost in the paint and the time, and it takes me somewhere ... When I paint, I feel connected to something greater than myself, and a deep sense of joy and spirit. I am happiest, most fulfilled, and completely myself when I paint. It is gift and I am grateful to be able to share it.


Upcoming show: 3 person show at

Portland Art Gallery, 154 Middle St. Portland, ME  November 2021

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