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I like to paint like no one is watching.

I am an abstract painter who lives in Maine. I love color. I often paint what I feel, or what is currently happening in my life as well as the changing seasons and times we are living in.

I have come to understand that the very precise shapes I often deliberately paint over a layer of less cohesive work could be a metaphor of sorts for the chaotic world we live in today. The exactness and accuracy of the shapes I make using tools such as a T Square and compass provide calm, serenity, and order in a world that is often turbulent and unsettled.

Music inspires and influences my work, and is as much a part of the paintings as the paint. I am a conduit-the music is my muse-and when it’s working, the paint flows through me easily and effortlessly. I often get lost in the paint and it takes me somewhere else. When I paint, I feel connected to something greater than myself, and a deep sense of joy.


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